A silver dental prosthesis is not only viable but a good choice

Lesli researcher Arroyo Ortega has created a new type of dental prosthesis created with silver nanoparticles capable of reducing the costs of dental treatment while incorporating several interesting benefits that make it stand out over other alternatives.

The new prosthesis has developed this PhD student Research Center of Applied Science and Advanced Technology in their thesis work is made with an alloy of silver and tin with silver nanoparticles.

This new denture could be a good alternative to traditional because it has good mechanical properties, thermal and good antibacterial protection. Besides all this, the new dental prosthesis can see improvements in hardness, tensile strength and corrosion with respect to other materials, making it not be allowed oxidation and corrosion and provides greater thermal diffusivity level.
Lesli Ortega says that the importance of the hardness of the material is necessary because the average strength of natural dentition of an adult comes to equal almost 77 kilograms.

Several agencies participated in this project that seems to offer a new alternative of great interest in dentures in both economic and practical level, is that the new prosthesis combine the best price with the most benefits.

To get to this material, has been to analyze different nanoparticle concentrations vary that alloy and tin-silver relations until the correct amounts.

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