A Review of No No Hair Removal

No No Hair is a hair removal device, which removes unwanted hair from the skin and provides hair-free effect for a long time. Using this device, you can remove your facial and body hair very easily. It works well on the sensitive areas too. There is adjustment level present in the device, which can be changed according to the sensitivity of the skin.

Working of No No Hair Removal

No No Hair device is based on advanced new technology in hair removal, called as Thermicon. It utilizes the technique of conducting mild heat to the hair. Since it uses mild heat, it is the most effective and safest way of hair removal for any skin type and shades of hair. It doesn’t involve scraping, tearing, or pulling of your hair like other traditional methods. It removes your hair smoothly, just by gliding it over your skin. There is indicator present on the device through which you can easily know if you are using it properly or not.

Tips to use it

It is very easy and simple to use. You just have to follow the instructions properly. You can use this twice a week initially. You will observe a decrease in hair growth. Use the wide area of device for larger skin areas and narrower for others. You must adjust the device properly before gliding it over your skin.


 – Effective: You don’t have to wait for results with No No Hair Removal, as it gives results instantly. But, the timings might vary from person to person. The average time is about a month.
 – Clinically Researched: This device is clinically studied and researched. It is the most effective and efficient method of hair removal till date.
 – No Side Effects: No No Hair Removal is suited for all types of skin. Just follow all of usage directions properly. It gives effective results without any discoloration, inflammation, bumps, cuts, nicks, bruises, scrapes, and other problems.
 – Money Back Guarantee: This hair removal device offers guarantee of money-back of 60 days. So, if you are not at all satisfied with results, you can claim.

How Does A No No Hair Removal Device Work?

The No No Hair Removal is a 3 steps device for removal of skin hair. It helps in removing all types of unwanted hair from the body, be it facial or other parts. The adjustment level provided in the device allows you to use it according to your need. It heats the hair till the hair gets broken off. You must use buffer to remove dead skin and hair. You should use smoothening lotion, which will soften your skin. It is very simple and less annoying than using wax or epilator. It is very straight-forward and easy to use.

Some advantages and disadvantages of No No Hair Removal are:


You don’t have to pull out your hair like plucking or waxing. This will reduce redness on your skin, thus making it more comfortable than other methods. You can use it at your home only. It can be utilized for any skin tone and hair color unlike laser treatment. The device will keep your skin smooth and soft. It will decrease the hair growth by time like waxing.


It should not be used on breasts and bikini area. You must use it frequently in beginning so as to keep the skin free from hair. If your skin hair is curly or thick, you should use it more often and be regular.

If you do not like to bear the inconvenience and pain caused waxing and don’t want to shave, you can go for No No Hair Removal device. It is an effective way of removing your skin hair, leaving your skin smooth and soft. In addition to that, you get 60 days money-back guarantee. So, if you feel like it’s not working for you, you can return it easily.

How to Use No No Hair Removal?

How It Works

No no hair device works for hair removal by use of heat on hair. Thermicon, the new technology, generates heat to your skin for crystallizing the hair follicles from the root. It comes along with the unit, buffer, small brush, small bag, heat blades, booklet and instructional DVDs if you are getting it in the mail.

You should slip the heat blade in the unit and just roll over your skin. If the blue light is on, it means that it is working. You will notice that it is removing the hairs, when it comes in contact with hairs.

You will come to know that your hair growth have been decreased after some weeks. You can get a large reduction if you use this device regularly for several months. It has its effects for long-terms and removes hair from your skin permanently.

How long should you use this device?

First of all, you should use this product on your arms or legs. Keep using it for several weeks, using twice a week. You will notice that there is reduction in hair growth. It is very effective and efficient for hair removal for the long term. Even if you stop using it for few months, you will notice only a few hairs arising. So, this device goes very well for the long term. It is better in comparison to shaving since you should shave daily for keeping everything in control. And after shaving, your hair grows more and become shabby and coarse.


You must do research properly before buying this device. There are merits and demerits of this device. You must know everything before purchasing it. Then only, you should decide if this device will be good for you or not. Before making any decision, you must look through all the things.