How to Use No No Hair Removal?

How It Works

No no hair device works for hair removal by use of heat on hair. Thermicon, the new technology, generates heat to your skin for crystallizing the hair follicles from the root. It comes along with the unit, buffer, small brush, small bag, heat blades, booklet and instructional DVDs if you are getting it in the mail.

You should slip the heat blade in the unit and just roll over your skin. If the blue light is on, it means that it is working. You will notice that it is removing the hairs, when it comes in contact with hairs.

You will come to know that your hair growth have been decreased after some weeks. You can get a large reduction if you use this device regularly for several months. It has its effects for long-terms and removes hair from your skin permanently.

How long should you use this device?

First of all, you should use this product on your arms or legs. Keep using it for several weeks, using twice a week. You will notice that there is reduction in hair growth. It is very effective and efficient for hair removal for the long term. Even if you stop using it for few months, you will notice only a few hairs arising. So, this device goes very well for the long term. It is better in comparison to shaving since you should shave daily for keeping everything in control. And after shaving, your hair grows more and become shabby and coarse.


You must do research properly before buying this device. There are merits and demerits of this device. You must know everything before purchasing it. Then only, you should decide if this device will be good for you or not. Before making any decision, you must look through all the things.

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